The italian tailoring

Giammarco Saviano Tailoring Napoli, makes custom-made suits following the Italian and Neapolitan sartorial tradition.

“The essence of  Luxury", created by the dream of an entire collection, is focused on the Nobility of Craftsmanship and the use of refined materials.

The Progress, led man to conform himself and his style and often not allowing him to express himself as he would like.

It is precisely this tendency that the Brand wants to fight, to lead man to like himself, to enjoy his own exclusive choices.

It is practically rekindling in man the taste of beauty in all its nuances.

Our continuous product research, the exaltation of the strictly Artisan product of the ancient Neapolitan italian tailoring tradition and the many possibilities of Personalizations, make our products Unique in their kind and Eternal as Beauty must be an Absolute value and not linked to the Moment.